Sometimes geek, sometimes chic. Born in Malaysia, grew up in Australia, had an incredible time living in London and now in NYC. This blog is a snapshot of my life - sometimes random thoughts, often times with friends, always with my dog, Homer.


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8am walk. It’s sunny but it’s -7 degrees. Brrr. Lucky for thermals. Homie was super good (probably because his brain had frozen!)

New shoe rack assembled :)

That’s what I like to see. Homie quietly working on his Kong toy, trying to get the treat out.

Mini Xmas tree is up!

Massive house clean this afternoon. Vacuumed every little corner, loads of washing, scrubbed kitchen and bathroom. Place feels sneaky clean now.

Brunch with Rhea! So cute.

Hanging out at OJs in DUMBO.

Made mistake of letting homie back in my bed. The little tyke loves it so much.

Homie vaccinations this morning. Annual rabies, Bordetella and distemper.

Homie braving the freak snow. Red booties are back to protect sensitive paws.

Saw this play yesterday. Got to vote on the ending because Charles Dickens died before finishing the book it is based on.

Trick or treat!

Preparing for Sandy. Supermarket lines snake into the aisles. Longer than lines for tropical storm Irene.

Awesome day at The Whitney!

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